Trump: 70 Year Old Billionaire in Real Life, 12 Year Old Child Online


When going on Twitter and seeing a tweet that says; “I have never seen a thin person drink Diet Coke”, or “Amazing how the haters & losers keep tweeting the name “F**kface Von Clownstick” like they are so original & like no one else is doing it…”, I would never expect it to be from one of the most successful businessmen of all time and presidential candidate.  Yet, that is exactly who keeps posting with no filter as if he is a feisty teenager trying to start drama online.  Donald Trump has been tweeting like this for years now, and since he is currently a top-runner to be the next President of the United States, these tweets are becoming even more popular.  The thing that makes no sense is that this informal and sometimes insulting method of posting messages on Twitter and throughout his online campaign is not hurting him at all.  His arrogance on social media is actually bringing him in more popularity among these platforms.

This presidential battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has turned into an online battle, as Clinton has recently become more active and has fired back at Trump many times for his insults in public and online, specifically regarding the demoralization of women.  One of her new advertisements has recently blown up on Twitter regarding this topic and she continues to fight back against Trump’s egotism throughout his means of pubic communication.

The reason I am really bringing up this topic is Trump’s new “power move” on Snapchat.  Snapchat, in July 2014, presented geofilters for the first time, which are “special overlays that communicate the “where and when” of a Snap…”  Today, Trump presented his own national geofilter to attract millennials and attempt to sway the polls right before their first presidential debate tonight.


Trump’s geofilter from

This was honestly a brilliant move on Trump’s part as over 100 million people use Snapchat every day.  There are no statistics of the usage and views of this nationwide geofilter, however I am sure that it has publicized Trump on a new level in addition to his Twitter popularity.

This form of gaining popularity through social media is revolutionizing politicking and advertising for campaigns, and Donald Trump and “Crooked Hillary” will continue to battle it out on the digital playing field for the rest of this election process.  Who knows the realm at which either will approach next?  Whatever it is, I, and the rest of the world following this form of campaigning will be excited to see what happens.


One thought on “Trump: 70 Year Old Billionaire in Real Life, 12 Year Old Child Online

  1. This is definitely a recurring topic when it comes to this election. Donald Trump continues to use social media a lot more liberally than any other politician, and it is often (as you said) immature. I wonder how many people are actually swayed by their candidate’s online presence. Also, it would be interesting to see how much social media was used in the last election, is used in this election, and will be used in the next election. When will the majority of marketing switch to exclusively social media? Overall, really cool post!


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