Mixtape Review: Watch The Stove

There’s a new hot mixtape in town that everyone is raving about!  No it isn’t Drake’s, Kanye’s or Chance’s.  The new artist dropping some heat is the protegé of Betty Crocker herself, Helper.  Yes, Helper; the food product consisting of boxed pasta and packets of powdered sauce and seasonings.  Within the past two years, Helper’s twitter has produced brilliant ways to attract the millennial community through funny posts and mocking famous celebrities and their products, specifically those of Kanye West.

Back in the summer of 2011, Kanye and Jay-Z collaborated on an album and produced the masterpiece of Watch The Throne.  This album became a staple in the hip-hop industry and inspired other artists to collaborate on full albums.  The album went platinum about one month after the release and the tour following the album was the highest grossing hip-hop tour ever at that time.

So, what does Helper have to do with this?  Well, on April Fools Day this past year they dropped their own mixtape titled “Watch The Stove”  taking on the name of this legendary album and also mocking its album cover.

This mixtape features songs from various artists including Retro Spectro who is famous in the twitter world.  Also, the most popular song titled “Feed The Streets” has reached over seven million plays on Soundcloud.  Despite this mixtape being a funny April Fools release, it has actually impacted Helper majorly.  This parody has grabbed the attention of younger people active on social media and has boosted their popularity.  Overall the mixtape landed in Soundcloud’s Top Charts alongside Fetty Wap and others.  The success of this marketing scheme has inspired other ideas by Helper and has changed the use of social media by professional companies.  Others that you can now find posting humorous tweets and “millennial relevant” posts include Whataburger who starts “twitter beef” and uses emojis like none other, and Taco Bell who actively gets involved with fans and has unconventional posts that separates them from the rest.  Overall, Twitter has become a new marketing platform and Helper is one of the best at utilizing this.

Recently, Helper has hinted at another Kanye spoof.  Kanye has been known for his own clothing line besides his music known as Yeezy, often abbreviated as YZY.  Helper has made their next step in marketing by advertising for their own brand CHZY


Photo of tweet from Helper’s Twitter (twitter.com/helper)

This endeavor at a potential clothing brand is both hilarious, as was probably intended, yet also surprisingly a good-looking line of clothing.  Just as the mixtape was a joke of some sort but ended up successful this apparel could also be a hit.  No one really knows the true intentions of Helper marketing, however, whatever the plan is it is brilliant as the brand is distinguishing itself from the competition and becoming a hit in the social media world.


One thought on “Mixtape Review: Watch The Stove

  1. I agree that Helper’s social media strategy is brilliant. Businesses can greatly benefit from an interesting/lively presence on social media, especially in this era where if you aren’t connected then you’re uniformed. While it might not be effective for every field, I think that more businesses should adopt this approach to social media and marketing.


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