DJ Khaled: King of Snapchat

Since the birth of Snapchat stories, many people have been documenting their life through short videos or images, sharing them with their friends.  However, none have taken advantage of this feature as much as DJ Khaled.  Since late November of 2015, DJ Khaled has dominated Snapchat, as he posts videos of almost everything he does and his fanbase has adopted his lingo as their own.  Twitter analytics researched this boost in popularity through how many mentions he got on Twitter, and the data was unbelievable.  His mentions were ten times as great in December than in November.  This boost in popularity was only a start as he expanded it in many ways throughout the next several months.

By mid-December everyone had fallen in love with DJ Khaled, his adventures, and his slang.  Whether it was him asking his personal chef what’s for breakfast, giving us some “keys to success”, telling us to “bless up”, showing love to his fans through his “fan luv”, or anything else he did, it became a household saying for those following him on Snapchat.  Once his popularity was recognized and associated with Snapchat, Snapchat themselves worked with him to gain publicity as he became one of the first owners of an Official Story.  On Christmas, he was featured on Snapchat’s official holiday geofilter.  He essentially became a “living meme” at this point.


The official 2015 Christmas geofilter from

In the next few months he was recognized by two companies who signed deals with both Cîroc and Apple Music, becoming one of the first artists to do so.  He also opened his own online store with apparel referencing his Snapchat stories.

His latest success was his most recent album he released called “Major Key” on July 29th.  It became his first Number 1 album and sold over 95,000 copies in the first week, more than doubling his previous best in Kiss The Ring where he sold 41,000 copies.  It is very clear that this success isn’t just because he became a better artist.  He is a marketing genius and has grown so much as a celebrity over the past year.

Recently, the hype of his Snapchat account has slowed down, however he is still succeeding in all aspects.  We really did “ride with him through the journey of success” as he has become a fan favorite everywhere.

Here is a timeline of his growth over the past year



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